Basic Rules of Camping Interior Regime

It is forbidden to drive at more than 10 Km/h on the Campsite roads. Vehicles must be parked in their contracted plot, not being able to park cars in the communal camping areas or other free plots. The Campsite is a family campsite designed for relaxation, holidays and stay. Silent Hours: As this is a family campsite and given the philosophy of our guests, who want to fully enjoy contact with nature and the environment, we give a lot of importance to the times of silence, both at midday and at night , so for family and friend gathering together we suggest using the kid’s and barbecue areas to avoid the need of calling the Campsite personnel or management attention (aproximately time, it could be change):
Summer and High season: from 01:00 to 07:00.
Low/Mid Season: from 00:00 to 07:00.
There must be maximum respect not to disturb or bother other guests and neighbours in adjacent plots with outside noises like friends or family meetings where too much can be heard from outside, loud televisions, radios, CDs … You should try to have a few decibels in harmony with the surroundings and not distort the Campsite peace and rest for the guests and families. We insist that during the silent time meetings or get-togethers are not loud and do not bother anybody and we ask you to have them in the recreation area, playground and barbecue areas designed for this purpose and therefore not bother the rest and stay of other guests. Failure to observe this rule may even be considered a serious breach by the management and could mean that the guest who caused the incident is expelled from the Campsite. If a guest plans to leave early, please ask for authorisation in Reception so that it can be given to the night-watchman, or put your vehicle in the car park at night with the authorisation. The entrance door for vehicles through the Campsite roads will be closed at 00:00 until 07:00 a.m. or 1:00 to 7:00 a.m., according to season, and no vehicles can circulate during these times without management authorisation. From 12:00pm you can park in the Campsite car park and move your car to the plot the next morning. Bicycles can be used as a method of transport inside the campsite, but in no case is racing authorised, going at high speed without respecting the road speed limit , or using the streets as a play or competition area. To do these things, use the kid’s park. Minors who violate this rule may even have their vehicle confiscated until a parent or guardian takes responsibility for the matter. The parents or guardians are ultimately responsible for minors and acts and damages they may cause to the premises, having to replace the damages or cost as management sees fit. Toy vehicles for children, like motorbikes, cars … with engines, are not allowed in any of the campsite or parking areas due to the inconvenience caused to guests. These vehicles have the same rate as the motorcycles/trailers. Check Rates and seasons HERE. DRINKABLE WATER fountains , suitable for use, are marked on the Campsite map, ask in Reception if you have not received one. Keep the campsite clean, for better living for everybody. Make good and responsible use of the facilities and if you find any anomaly or incident please tell Reception so we can take quick action and improve the installations. The Campsite management is not responsible for any valuables in your contracted plot. We have a free WiFi service installed that covers the entire Campsite. In Reception guests can find the full set of Norms on the Interior Policy Regime. Rules by which we are governed and all guests must fulfil and respect, as a breach of these rules may be sanctioned with expulsion from the Campsite.


The national police obligates Campsites to make anyone over 12 who wants to stay or visit to show his/her ID in reception so that it can be registered upon arrival at the Campsite. Anyone who comes to Campsite with the intention of visiting a guest must comply with the Norm like any other guest: present his/her ID, register and pay the concept due in these cases. If a guest lets anyone enter the Campsite or plot who has not gone first to Reception and carried out the standard entrance protocol according to the regulations then this will be sufficient cause for expulsion from the campsite according to the Campsite norms. Guests with dogs must know that dogs will be kept tied while staying at the campsite, and even within the plots. For their necessities, you cannot use the plots, roads, streets of the campsite, you must use the outside area of the campsite or the Camping Parking area, always picking up their droppings for which we supply dog bags (for free) in Reception. The day of stay on the plot is officially opened at 12:00 PM and the last day of stay ends at maximum 11:00 AM, regardless of time of entry into the plot on the day of arrival. If you want to enjoy an afternoon stay on the departure day please ask about the conditions for this offer in Reception. For ecological and environmental reasons make responsible use of Water. Under no circumstances can the Campsite management accept the manipulation or change in appearance and Campsite installations by guests. Nor the manipulation whether physical or any other aspect within the plots or the streets. The conditions or characteristics it offers will be given the utmost respect, and if you need any intervention please ask for authorisation or assistance in reception. Any change in the appearance or other activities may be considered as a serious cause for expulsion from the Campsite. Although we are always open to your suggestions for improvements. The streets of the Campsite cannot be employed for any reason, let alone unknown to the management, as they must be completely free for the free movement of people and authorised vehicles. Nor must you invade with your badly parked vehicle the area outside your contracted plot which has constantly circulating caravans and large vehicles. Only make use of your contracted plot and in no case of other free plots to do other things as they must be prepared and fully free and vacated to accommodate new guests at any time, not causing delays on arrival at the campsite or bothering others by unduly occupying communal areas and free plots. Note that El Paraje Camping take an strict control of all campers through a specific computer system administration and management. Any incident that occurs for any reason whatsoever, will result in the prohibition of this or these people in future visits.

Basic rules for your protection

Located on the plot, get to know your surroundings and locate the extinguisher near your plot. In case of fire inform campsite staff as quickly as possible, keep calm at all times and vacate the affected area as soon as possible. In case of necessity and no campsite employees are present, make good use of the nearest fire extinguisher, and then tell Reception or an employee of Campsite. If there is a lot of smoke, use a damp towel to cover your nose and mouth and where possible in very serious cases, do not wait to collect your belongings that are in the affected area. In case of evacuation remain calm and do not use vehicles, help others in need and always heed the instructions given by the Campsite employees, go to the emergency exits, also marked on the Campsite map. Caution is recommended within the plots so as not to jeopardize your safety or that of other guests, do not make fires in your plot or in communal areas unless your plot count with grills for barbecue or campfire sites (see reception). Moreover, we recommend you not to smoke inside the tents, in bed inside the caravans, etc. to prevent any risk of fire. If you see anything suspicious or alarming, if someone enters the ampsite improperly or if you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact reception. The Campsite telephone can be used even at night if you need to contact Campsite workers.


Reception and Minimark Times: 07:00 to 22:00. Access for vehicles entering and leaving the plot area: 07:00 to 00:00pm. Ask for the RFID Key Fobs to access the campsite in Reception, this Key Fobs are a gift for the first campers.