How do I make reservations?

The reservation system is present in both, the home page and every page of the web, right margin, Figure 1.


Then we start the process in the following order:

1ft. In the Reserve System selects the Arrival Date, Departure Date, number of Adults and number of Children between 2 and 12 years. Children under 2 are free. From 13 years, paid the adult rate. Finally you must click on the Check Availability button. The Reservation System will search in the database, the plots available and will recommend you the ideal place for your stay. As an example, we will make the reservation for 2 adults and 3 children.

2nd. A list of plots appear. In this case, the search engine displayed the three types of plots, Medium (M), Large (L) and Extra Large (XL), because 2 Adults and 3 Children come in all categories, Figure 2.


(A) Shows the name of the plot.

(B) Specify the total capacity of that plot and the maximum number of children allowed. There should always be at least one responsible adult.

(C) The price of the plot always marks 0 Gs because we do not charge per plot. You can meet the seasonal camping prices HERE.

(D) Here you can select the number of plots you want; in this case for 2 Adults and 3 Children, one plot is sufficient as it is less than the maximum capacity of the plot (B). If the number of people exceeds the maximum capacity of a plot, you can choose another, as the Large (L) plot, with capacity up to 9 people or if more than this amount, you must select the Extra Large (XL) plot. You can learn more about our plots HERE.

3rd. Once the amount of the plot is selected, in our case 1 (one), the items to select, Figure 3, (E) will be displayed. Following our example, we mark: 2 Adults, 3 Children, 2 Tents, Electricity and 1 Car. Finally you must click on the Select this plot button, (F).


4th. From this point, you can see on the top right of your screen, Your Book, Figure 4. Here you have two options, view the cart to verify that everything is correct or give click on the Check Out button to continue and finish.


5th. In your Cart, Figure 5, in (G) you can view concerning to the selected plot, dates and number of nights. In (H) you have the possibility to change the amounts of the selected items, for example add one more vehicle. If you made any changes in the amounts, you will need to click in the Update button. If you have a discount coupon, enter it in (I) and Apply. These coupons commonly are delivered to the usual campers, large groups, awards, promotions, etc. In (J) you can see the net pay (VAT inc.) amount, and 20% corresponding to the total amount, that will be paid as an advance on your reservation, through methods stipulated by El Paraje Camping. Payment of 100% of your reservation may also be performed. The advance payment is not mandatory but desirable to ensure your plot. Given the high demand in high season, El Paraje Camping not guarantee reservations that have not paid at least 20% of the total amount. After verifying the amounts, you must give click in Check out button.


6th. If you already are a customer of El Paraje Camping, Enter your mail (K) and click Apply. If you're not yet a customer, in (L) you must complete all fields. If you do not know your postal code, you can complete with zeros (eg. 00000).


7th. In (M), Figure 7, you must select the Offline Payment method that lets you pay on arrival to El Paraje Camping or through the methods specified in the 11th point. In (N) you have the possibility to leave us an additional comment as the number of specific plot (eg. M34 near to WC, L34 near the stream, near reception, near playgrounds, etc.). You can learn more about the location of the plots HERE, or directly download the full map site HERE. In (O) you must accept the Rules and Norms of El Paraje Camping, and finally click in Check out button to finish. In Rules and Norms, times and all major recommendations to make your stay better are specified. At this point you should have received an email with the confirmation and details of your reservation. This means you have successfully made the reservation and have 24 hours to make the payment of 20% of the total amount or, if applicable, the total payment of the reservation, according to the methods specified in the 11th point.


8th. Once the reservation made, and in the shortest time possible, no later than 24 hours after the execution of the reservation, the autoresponder system of El Paraje Camping, will sent to you by e-mail, the booking voucher. If you do not agree with the data provided in the confirmation, you can request the modification thereof or cancellation of the contract in response to the received mail.

9th. Modifications. Once the booking is confirmed by El Paraje Camping, you must respect the dates of entry and exit of selected facilities in your reservation. Any changes required in terms of confidentiality, you must communicate to El Paraje Camping. This change must be confirmed by the campsite management. Once confirmed, El Paraje Camping cancel your reservation, giving the chance you can make a new, always taking into account the 10th point. Modifications may not be made with less than 3 days of the date of entry to the campsite.

10th. Cancellations and Returns. In the case of cancellations, you should consider the following ways;

      1.   Return of 100% of the reservation (except commissions in the return):

              If the cancellation are made at least with 5 (five) days prior to arrival.

      2.   Refund of 50% of the booking:

              If the cancellation are made at least with 3 (three) days prior to arrival.

If the cancellation occurs less than 3 (three) days will result in the loss of 100% of the reservation.

11th. Payment. El Paraje Camping proposed different payment methods so you can choose one that suits you:

      1.   Payment by Bank Transfer (Consult at reception)

      2.   Payment by Giros Tigo (Consult at reception)

      3.   Payment by Personal Wallet (Consult at reception)

      4.   Others.

El Paraje Camping